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Find vintage torn umbrellas and break their handles off carefully.  I have these two umbrella handles that make great tie backs for bathroom shower curtain or drape.
The first one I was lucky that the metal tore, I was able with pliers to hook and attach a metal chain.  You can get metal chains and the hardware store by the foot or spray paint an old chain.  The other acrylic handle had wood inside so I was able to drill a hole to hook in the chain.  You can cut the cloth from the umbrella and throw it away and give the metal to scrap metal.

Turn an inexpensive vase into a master piece.
Never leave candles unattened when lit.
These are pieces of Red Wing serving dishes I bought inexpensively at an Estates Sale.  Great for a picnic.  I turned the cups into candle holders, they only had two of them.
These are some vintage ceiling fixtures I bought.  They could be used as candle holders.  I didn't get the glass globes so I took a vase and filled it with my favorite things and tipped it over.  Mirrors  & picture frames are also ideas.
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